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DeBrocke Family Light Show

Welcome to DeBrockeLights.com! Home of the DeBrocke Family Light Show.


  • Launch Date – Saturday December 1, 2013 @ 6:00pm

* – We will be launching a FULL LIVE test on Friday Night 11/29/13, so you may be able to catch the show then.  If everything is working, we will let it run that night.  Usually we have a few bugs to work and if it’s a large enough bug, then I will repair it and launch the full version on Saturday.


2013 Show Updates

Every year, we try to update our display some way.  Either by replacing current items, updating songs, different design, and so on.  Beginning a few years ago, LED technology has made several jumps in technology.  We have not been able to use LED technology until recent because it simply wouldn’t work with our type of display (lots of rapid changes, fading & etc.).  Recently, the technology is improving and because of that, we have slowly been transitioning our wire frames away from Incandescent Lights to LED’s.

As of 2013, ALL of our wire frames are NOW LED as well as almost all of the rest of our show.  The only items that have NOT been converted to LED are the White C9 Roof Lights and White Mini Lights on the columns in the garland.  I have not found a white LED that I really like yet and until I do, you just can’t replace the performance of the White C9 Incandescent.

We are also bringing back 8 of our 3 foot tall mini trees.  They have been converted to 4 colors of LEDs per each tree (Red/Green/Blue/White).  They are NOT ready as of the launch date, but will be added to the show during the first week once I finish updating the programming for the songs.  We have also added 2 Wreath’s (4 colors – Red/Green/Blue/White) that need to be programmed into the songs.